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Top supplements Korean beauty influencers recommend

Apart from cosmetic products, these days Koreans are also into supplements that will boost their healthy skin. Here we gather some of the supplements that are often mentioned by Korean beauty influencers and bloggers.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent supplement for collagen production which is important to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It is an antioxidant that protect your skin cells from damages causing by UV exposures.

Some of the popular Vitamin C products in Korea are Koryo Eundan which comes in form of tablet, and Lemona which comes in form of powder.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A also helps slowing down the process of collagen breakdown and prevents your skin from sunburn to certain extent. By stimulating blood vessels, it can also improve your skin tone and promote healing of wounds.

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Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid is also known as vitamin B5 which helps converting food into glucose and enhances healing of skin wounds. Some study also illustrates that vitamin B5 enhances moisturizing skin and reduces acne blemishes.

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Vitamin B5 reduces oil production of the sebaceous glands by increasing coenzyme A, which increases the metabolic breakdown of oils—including sebum—by optimizing the normal activity of cell physiology.


Propolis & Zinc

Propolis is a natural ingredient from bee nest. The combination of tree sap and beeswax make up a mixture of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds. It is one of ingredients in many K-beauty products, such as toner, ampoules and moisturizers. It has properties to heal wounds, treat acne aftermath, decrease inflammation and protect skin from UV damages.

Zinc is essential nutrient and promotes immune systems. Also, zinc can help reduce oil production in the skin and reduce inflammation. Most importantly, it has antioxidant properties that reduce dead cells, oil, dirt and bacteria.

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Vitex (Chasteberry)

Vitex agnus-castus is a herbal supplement that has properties to treat premenstrual syndrome, acne and menstrual disorders. This plant medicine can help regulating hormone levels, hence effective for those looking for treatment of hormonal acne.

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