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Proxy Shopping for Korean Products (Int'l Shipping)

International fans of Korean products may wonder if there is a way to order goods from Korea with low price as much as what Korean people can buy from Korean e-commerce platforms. Here we gather all proxy shopping sites that support international shipping.


Once ordered, the payment will be requested within 1 - 2 days (product + service charges) for Trazy Crew to purchase the product. Then, you will be requested for the shipping fee payment. Once the fee is received, you can wait for the product to arrive and check the tracking code along.

Link :



Creatrip offers one-stop proxy shopping service with convenient features on the site where you can simply add items on the cart and purchase. You can choose various currency rates. Also this ecommerce site supports not only English language, but also Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai. Surprisingly, many items are offered in even lower than market price. Enjoy many discounts and free shipping once your order exceeds USD 80.

Link :



Koreanbuddy's proxy shopping site works in a similar manner to Trazy where you make an order and pay for the product first, and then pay for the shipping before the shipping process.

To get quotation, you can go to this page - You can also follow their Instagram for references for some top items in Korea.

Link :



PINKBOX offers 2 types of service - Buying Service and Combine Shipping Service. Buying Service is the regular proxy shopping that will send directly to your address via international shipping. On the other hand, if you want to use Korean local warehouse, you may choose Combine Shipping Service.

Link :



COLLECTKOREA makes your international shopping experience much simpler in 3 steps - Submit your purchase request, Get your price quotation, Pay and wait for shipping.

Link :

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