Online Korean Cooking Class 2021

Looking for Korean cooking class but prefer to stay home? Here we gather for you some of the most popular Online Classes where you can learn more about Korean food, cook at home, and enjoy the food with your family afterward.

1. Maangchi

Maangchi shares her recipes and secret sauce of how to cook varieties of traditional Korean dishes. All content is in English and the way she explains is very easy to follow. Up to date, her YouTube Channel has received so much love and already reached more than 5 million subscribers. Some of the popular recipes range from japchae, fried chicken, buldak (spicy fire chicken), and tteokbokki. To learn the cooking process step-by-step, you may visit her YouTube Channel and for the detailed recipes, you may want to visit


2. Seonkyoung Longest

Seonkyoung Longest offers a Asian at Home cooking show on YouTube where you can learn not only about Korean cuisine but also all Asian-inspired menu.

Participated in MasterChef Season 4 and the winner of Food Network's "Restaurant Express", she will sure lighten up your cooking experience with so much creativity. For more of her recipes, visit


3. Chef Julie Yoon

Chef Julie Yoon is another YouTube Channel showcasing cooking show Bits & Pieces that offers varieties of easy and reliable recipes. Also, the Channel features other useful contents for beginner cookers, including tips, techniques and approachable recipes. Here you can find more of fusion and Korean-inspired dishes that add new flavors to your regular dinner routines. Check out her YouTube Channel and recipes at


4. Chef Chris Cho

Based in Philadelphia, Chef Chris Cho of Saorabol Restaurant has been sharing his cooking instructions on YoutTube Channel. On TikTok, his short videos of step-by-step and easy-to-make Korean dishes has brought large popularity which recently hit above 1 million followers. If you are looking for fun contents to learn cooking, why not try starting from this channel!


5. [Udemy] Cooking Popular Korean Food at Home

Udemy offers a full lifetime online course where you can earn a certificate of completion after finishing the program. Hence, this option may suit beginner home chefs. The course is offered at 109,000 won but there can also be discount lowering the price to 15,000 won.

The course focuses on Family main cuisines and not so much on side dishes.

Link : Udemy


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